Pigment Control Kit


A comprehensive collection to brighten as well as even skin tone leaving a luminous complexion. Crafted with the powers of brightening botanicals, melanin suppressant actives and the latest in illuminating ingredients such as Shiitake Mushroom, Chromabright, BV-OSC and Madonna Lily plant stem cell. This four-step kit will treat, repair and protect giving noticeable results.


SkinBrite Facial Cleanser (2 FL OZ / 59.1 mL)
Essential B5 Hydrating Serum (0.5 FL OZ / 14.8 mL)
SkinBrite Cream (1 FL OZ / 29.6 mL)
SheerZinc SPF30 (1 OZ / 28.3 g)




  • SkinBrite Facial Cleanser: to hamper pigmentation and uneven skin tone while delivering nutrients to the skin
  • Essential B5 Hydrating Serum: to address dehydration and replenish moisture levels
  • SkinBrite Cream: to suppress melanin for an even, glowing skin tone
  • SheerZinc SPF 30: to soften the signs of aging and promote a restorative effect on your skin’s previous sun exposure

Additional information

Product Type


Skin Concerns

Acne, Oily and Congested, Pigmentation

Please refer to individual product information sheets for additional details, ingredients and directions

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